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2013 Newsletter

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Michael G. Reccia

MichaelProfessional medium, Michael G. Reccia, from Lancashire, UK has channelled spirit communication for over 25 years.

He firmly believes that the true importance of spirit communication is not simply to prove evidence of life after death but to provide a blueprint for a better life before death through channelled spiritual teachings that will make a difference to this World. Michael regards the Joseph communications as his most important contribution to spiritual awareness to date.

Michael G. Reccia Interview

Code: USD-interview_DVD_1
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Grayling Barraclough Interviews Spirit Medium Michael G. Reccia.
Sold in clear clam shell case.
DVD [PAL format] by Happy-Duck.

$11.75 plus $4.95 post and packing.
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click to see video
See excerpt of the interview with Michael.
(Video courtesy of Happy Duck ©2010.)

Michael on the
Meria Heller radio show.

Meria Heller Show

Listen to Michael as he discusses Your Life After Death, The Fall and other spiritual subjects with Meria. Download the mp3 below by right clicking and saving to your desktop...

or use the player below...

NEW: Free Joseph Quotations Screensaver

Sixteen of Joseph's inspirational spiritual quotations can now be displayed and viewed on your computer by downloading this, the first in a series of Joseph Communications screensavers. Simply select the appropriate format for your computer from the options below and follow the instructions included.

Windows (.zip) screensaver.
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From Here to Infinity Book cover

Just published and available now from our shop page.

From Here to Infinity
a book of Advanced Light-Living
and Advanced Light-Giving

...In this, the new Joseph Communications book, Joseph clarifies, demystifies and redefines from a highly spiritual perspective many of the major earthly concepts we take for granted and find ourselves immersed in and seemingly governed by, including Time, Space, Energy, Thought, Memory and the nature of Infinity.

Joseph then offers further insights into the nature of the Divine, exploring and enhancing the phenomenal power for positive change each of us possesses and is capable of using, and reveals advanced ways of transforming and elevating our inner and outer worlds and infusing our lives and the matrix of this entire planet with the highest expression of Light.

This volume's transformational purpose is to expand your ability to live in the LIght and to give out the Light, presenting new methods and meditations that will empower you to make a real difference in this world by - literally - illuminating yourself, those around you, and the physical landscape you are currently a part of.

From Here to Infinity


Now available and shipping.

ISBN 978-1-906625-08-5
Paperback. 228 pages. 1st Edition.

$24.00 plus $7.95 post and packing.
TOTAL: $31.95

Meria Heller ShowNEW: Michael appears on the
Meria Heller: The Bigger Picture 7

Recorded: 11th March 2015.


  • The baby that was submerged for 14 hours, her soul cried for help.
  • Where is the soul?
  • The body is a point of view.
  • An assembly point.
  • Do we ever physically lock into our bodies?
  • Lost time?
  • "Where were you?"
  • Alive at all cost-is it part of the journey?
  • Cell phones and computers trap us in further illusion.
  • Our personalities are a suit of clothes.
  • Be quiet-go within.
  • Lose the technology and live.
  • What is physical death?
  • What guides are assigned to us...
  • ...Who are they?
  • Is it a family thing?
  • Does love for others bring us back here?
  • Can guides be in bodies?
  • Is there good and bad?
  • Judgement?
  • Do we have to judge ourselves?
  • Rapid devolution the past 50 years.
  • Stay in the cleansing spheres or come back?
  • Great spiritual knowledge.
  • Stay tuned for his next book.


Revelation 2nd Edition book cover

NEW larger format Revelation
with additional chapter just published!

Revelation: Who You Are; Why You're Here

Code: USD-revelation2
ISBN 978-1-906625-07-8.
Paperback. 224 pages. 2nd Edition.
Contains additional chapter not featured in first edition.

$22.00 plus $4.95 post and packing.
TOTAL: $26.95

Or visit the shop page by clicking here.

Michael discusses the first book in the Joseph Communication Series: Revelation on The Moore show.

Michael discusses the Fall book on The Moore show.

New 2-CD set rerelease -
Michael's 'YES, YOU CAN MEDITATE' course
available again after many years.

In response to numerous requests from Joseph readers and spiritual seekers attending his 'Evening With' events, Michael has made Yes, You Can Meditate, the Meditation Course he taught for many years across the UK, available once more as a new two-CD set.
From first steps in mind and body control to specific mind-calming, health-giving, world-changing spiritual meditations, Yes, You can Meditate offers a complete course of confidence - and capability-building visualisations and techniques, with Michael explaining exactly what to do and accompanying you throughout each spiritual exercise.
With six guided chapters and a total running time eighty-two minutes, Yes, You Can Meditate is an invaluable introduction to successful meditation and a companion to Joseph's world-healing Light visualisations.
Two-CD set available now from our shop page.

The Joseph Communication
on your favourite digital eBook reader

eBooks Revelation, Illumination, Your Life After Death, The Fall and Trance Mission are also available as eBooks suitable for Apple iPod and iPad, Amazon’s Kindle and is available from a number of outlets including our distributor eBookIt.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or via the iTunes App.

Band of Light Media Publications

The Joseph books are published by Band Of Light Media Ltd - a company which exists to make available the teachings of a number of Michael's spirit guides.